CNN Anchor Presses Top Dem Senate Candidate On Abortion: ‘It Sounds Like You’re Saying No Restrictions’

CNN anchor Dana Bash pushed Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), who is running for Ohio’s open Senate seat, to answer whether there should be any restrictions on abortion.

Abortion has become a significant issue for voters in the upcoming November midterm elections following the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Democrats across the country have refused to place any limits on abortion, while Republicans have pushed for severe restrictions or an outright ban on the procedure.

Bash questioned Ryan on which point in the pregnancy he would support restrictions or bans on abortion, while the Democrat congressman continues to criticize his Republican opponent, venture capitalist and author J.D. Vance, for his position on the issue.

At first, Ryan claimed that he believed abortion should not occur late in the pregnancy unless there is “an extraordinary circumstance.”

“Of course, we don’t support abortion at the end of term, unless, of course, there is an extraordinary circumstance, where, you know, you’re eight months into a pregnancy and something very tragic is happening in that pregnancy where you have a room, you’ve bought toys, you have clothing for the baby, everyone’s excited, and then something tragic happens. That needs to be left up to the doctor, not to J.D. Vance, Ted Cruz or anybody else. That’s a very serious situation,” the Democrat Senate candidate said.

Bash went on to press the issue, as Ryan did not actually answer the question.

“But as a legislator, you have to have some idea about what you want to do when you’re not a doctor,” the CNN anchor said. “So should there be some restrictions when it comes to the law of the land?”

The Democrat congressman once again refused to directly answer the question, repeating his argument that the decision is between a woman and her doctor and claiming that a legislator cannot make the decision for every circumstance.

“But it sounds like you’re saying no restrictions,” Bash pressed.

Ryan replied with the typical Democrat talking points, suggesting that late-term abortion should not be outlawed because a woman may need it to “save her own life.” This, of course, is a completely disingenuous argument, because abortion is never necessary in the late stages of pregnancy to preserve the life of the mother, as the unborn baby is fully capable of surviving outside of the womb and therefore can just be birthed alive via natural means or a C-section.

“Well, I think no one is supporting abortion towards the end. Absolutely no one’s for that, it rarely happens,” Ryan claimed. “But what we’re saying is, are we gonna preserve the woman’s right to choose at the end to save her own life? I mean, come on, like should the government really be in there? That sounds very anti-American and the extreme position is like where J.D. Vance is, where if you’re raped, you are forced to have the rapist’s baby, where there’s no exceptions at all. And we see people who are underage who have to go to other states who have been raped. That’s insanity.”

The Democrat congressman went on to argue that Roe v. Wade had worked just fine for the last 50 years it was in place, and accused pro-life people of being extremists that are attempting to overturn the status quo.

Since 2019, Ohio has had a “heartbeat law” in place — banning abortion after a doctor detects a fetal heartbeat, which typically occurs around the sixth week of gestation. While the law does provide exceptions for a “medical emergency” or serious risk of impairment to the woman’s body, it does not have exceptions for rape and incest.

In July, Vance stated that he supported the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe, noting that he believes that abortion laws should be left up to the states. The GOP Senate candidate also expressed his support for his state’s fetal heartbeat law.