Clintons Believe America May ‘Completely Lose’ Democracy

Former President Bill Clinton and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warned that the U.S. is teetering on the brink of “losing our democracy.”

These dire cautions came as the January 6 hearings continue to parade last year’s events at the Capitol to a televised audience. They also follow an ominous poll showing a majority of both Democrats and Republicans believe the U.S. will at some point cease to be a democracy.

The poll, gathered by a Yahoo News/YouGov survey, revealed a startling 55% of Republicans and 53% of Democrats fear the end of American democracy.

So, apparently, does the former first family.

Hillary Clinton, who calls herself “the most investigated innocent person in America, spoke to the Financial Times Friday. In a fascinating exchange, she was asked about Democrats seemingly trying hard to lose elections by spotlighting causes, such as transgenderism, that are relevant to so few.

She not only agreed, but it was then when she said the nation is close to “losing our democracy.” The former secretary of state added that the most important thing is to “win the next election.”

In another striking admission, the 2016 Democratic nominee said the January 6 incident at the Capitol would have occured four years earlier if she had wished.

Clinton’s campaign had, “within hours of polls closing in 2016,” evidence of “voters being turned away” in multiple cities. One of those cities was Detroit, not exactly a noted Republican stronghold.

She even referred to Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel “A Handmaid’s Tale” as a prophecy. That observation came as the Supreme Court prepares to hand down a historic abortion ruling.

Her husband and the former president appeared on “The Late Late Show” Wednesday. Responding to a question about the “very, very dark few years” — no doubt the Trump presidency — the leftist 75-year-old said it’s “a fair chance” U.S. constitutional democracy could be “completely” lost.

Saying that the loss would be for a couple of decades if errant choices continue to be made, Clinton added he’s never been so concerned about our system of government.

Neither Clinton took the opportunity to chide current President Joe Biden for his handling of the nation’s woes. Inflation, an attempted judicial assassination, and leftist domestic terrorism are someone else’s fault. All blame, it appears, falls on the former president and current conservatives.