Chuck Schumer Moving To Make Inflation Even Worse

The Democrat Party is fast to lose its hold over the House and the Senate.

At this time, most Democrats are willing to vote for just about any piece of legislation or proposal supported by Biden. The only two Democrats who have been willing to vocally and openly stand up against some of Biden’s worse impulses have been Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin.

Virtually every other Democrat is right there with Biden. They’ve voted in lockstep for the American Rescue Plan, the Build Back Better Act and even a takedown of the filibuster. Sinema and Manchin thankfully voted against the latter two with Republicans, stopping them from passing.

The United States faces a crippling inflation crisis, owed to Biden and the Democrats in the House and Senate. However, this isn’t stopping Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer from trying to make matters even worse, as pointed out by RedState.

If Schumer has his way, a government spending bill to the tune of $22 billion will pass and go into effect. According to the Senate Majority Leader, funding for Ukraine, a potential new COVID strain and “robust assistance” for Americans are why he wants this legislation to pass.

In Schumer’s advocacy for the bill, he made absolutely no mention of the current inflation spiral that’s driving people into the ground. In a nutshell, the Senate Majority Leader wants more spending to happen. This way, he can condition Americans into warming up to a nanny state.

Meanwhile, the White House and Schumer remain in lockstep. While the latter pushes for $22 billion in new federal spending, the White House has its sights set on $22.5 billion for supposed relief from COVID.

Republicans have pointed out that the last round of COVID relief spending didn’t go so well. Much of the funds ended up in the hands of fraudsters, some of them not even living in America.

With gas prices in the United States being higher than they’ve been since the crash of 2008, some Americans might naturally assume leaders know now isn’t the time to push for more spending.

However, Schumer, Biden and other Democrats have no limits. With few notable exceptions, the Democrat Party remains collectively incapable of understanding even the most basic tenets of fiscal policy.

For this reason, none of these people should be in the office or make decisions that impact the American people.