Chuck Schumer Exposed the Horrors Planned For Americans

Time and time again, the Democrat Party claims it’s the party of working-class people and the middle class. Democrats regularly claim they want to make life easier for everyday Americans and make sure that people get a fair shake.

Meanwhile, working-class people and the middle class are the ones suffering the most under a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress. In fact, with just inflation alone, middle and lower-income earners are barely treading water.

Every now and then, though, Democrats let their true agenda slip. That’s exactly what happened with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) earlier this week, as reported by Red State.

A Living Nightmare For the American People

During a press conference, and while surrounded by other Democratic lawmakers, Schumer said the quiet part out loud.

The New York Democrat conveyed that getting rid of inflation can only happen by terminating “the Trump tax cuts” and then “raising rates.” In a nutshell, Schumer and the rest of the Democratic Party believe they can spend their way out of America’s current inflation crisis.

A strategy of this nature is so very dangerous because it will only increase inflation. It will make prices more expensive and force more people into poverty. As inflation rises, the spending power of the US dollar also automatically decreases.

In another troubling twist, Schumer admitted that because Republicans aren’t going to vote for tax increases, Democrats are going to work to squeeze tax hikes into reconciliation legislation.

Meanwhile, the Trump-era Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that Schumer referenced actually did reduce taxes for the American people by 18% to 20%. The benefits of “Trump tax cuts” also helped the middle class and working class.

These are the same people who will be gutted financially if Democrats like Schumer get what they want.

The Only Way to Stop Schumer and the Democrats

At this point, the Democrat Party is looking Americans in the face and saying they’re going to raise tax rates.

The one and only way to prevent this from happening is to take the House and Senate majorities away from Democrats in November. Americans across the nation can do this by voting red up and down the midterm ballots.

If Republicans get back power in Congress, Americans can rest easy, knowing that their taxes won’t increase and the economy will start healing. If Democrats keep power in Congress, they will push through higher tax rates and force this country into an economic recession or worse.