China is Furious About Nancy Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan

The Chinese communist regime has been very clear on where it stands regarding Taiwan. Chinese communists believe Taiwan is part of China and therefore needs to be forced back into the China mainland.

Likewise, China doesn’t take very kindly to what it views as any actions that legitimize Taiwan as its own nation. This explains why the regime was furious when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced her decision to visit Taiwan amid her Asia tour.

Despite China threatening to knock Pelosi’s airline out of the sky if she dared to go through with her visit to Taiwan, Pelosi proceeded with her trip. The House Speaker landed in Taiwan on Tuesday, prompting a menacing response from China.

China Sends a Subtle Message?
For months, rumors have been swarming that China is planning to invade Taiwan, just as Russia did to Ukraine back in February.

On Tuesday, China alluded to this by kicking off military drills around the water and airspace encompassing Taiwan. The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Global Times also announced the ejection of fighter jets and rocket launchers after Pelosi landed on the island.

Naturally, Chinese officials framed this activity as not a threat against Taiwan (and, by extension, America), but rather “preparations” for various disasters that may emerge.

Likewise, the Chinese Foreign Ministry asserted the nation would continue measures to protect its own “sovereignty.”

Mixed Reactions to Pelosi’s Visit
Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan in spite of threats from China has prompted mixed reactions here in the United States.

Some people warned the House Speaker was recklessly inserting herself into international affairs. Americans with this viewpoint worry her visit could further escalate tensions existing between China and the United States.

However, other Americans praised Pelosi for journeying to Taiwan, despite China’s reactions. Folks with this outlook declared that China cannot be allowed to bully US officials or control where Americans travel.

The House Speaker claimed her visit to Taiwan was about defending a known ally and, by extension, democracy itself. Pelosi’s trip came in spite of Joe Biden openly speaking out against it and reportedly trying to dissuade her in private from visiting Taiwan.

Following Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, there are questions about whether China may retaliate with attacks against the island nation.