Child Pornography Convict Gets Light Sentence

For years on end, Americans have witnessed the pattern of Democrats being increasingly soft on crime. Unfortunately, this isn’t just limited to opening up prisons, defunding law enforcement, or letting violent offenders back onto the streets with little to no bail.

Soft-on-crime policies are happening throughout various levels of government. This explains why lawlessness in America is a growing problem that no one can deny any longer. Though with midterms coming up, many Democrats are trying to steer clear of publicly discussing crime.

In California, the nasty consequences of lax crime policies emerged in the form of a child pornography convict getting under 12 months behind bars.

A Gross Miscarriage of Justice
Michael Martin, 57, was arrested and charged after his possession of more than 1,000 child rape DVDs was discovered.

Unfortunately, even this wasn’t enough to make a left-wing judge give Martin a sentence that fits his crime. Judge Leanne Le Mon, an appointee of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), only sentenced Martin to 180 days of incarceration.

Law enforcement in Fresno, California admitted that Martin’s stash of child pornography was the largest they’ve ever encountered. Though because of the left-wing judge’s ruling, Martin will be up for release from prison before 2023 even arrives.

Thus far, Newsom has not come out with any sort of statement regarding the ruling of this particular appointee. Then again, the California governor doesn’t have the best track record of pushing back against crime, despite his long career in public office.

Outrage From the General Public
Across the nation, Americans are going on social media to express their disgust with the ruling, along with the inherent danger Martin poses to the community.

There also exists the risk of other sexual predators feeling more emboldened as they see convicts like Martin getting off with few serious consequences.

The ruling of Newsom’s appointee arrives as various institutions come under fire for promoting pedophilia or pedophilia-adjacent material.

To this day, some schools are still exposing young, prepubescent children to drag queens and pornographic material. This is happening in the name of inclusivity and tolerance, while critics are branded as bigots.

Even USA Today was recently slammed for its defense and promotion of pedophilia.