Chicago’s Rampant Crime Increase Leads To ‘New Gun Sales’

The Democrat Party has consisted adopted anti-gun positions. Some Democrats have outrightly called for the abolition of the Second Amendment. Meanwhile, others are more sneaky in their work to dismantle the rights of lawful gun owners.

Democrats want everyone to believe that guns “kill” people, and all society’s ills would magically vanish without the right to keep and bear arms. While there are myriad inconsistencies with these demonstrably untrue talking points, this is nevertheless the position Democrats have chosen to run with.

It makes it so ironic that leftists are simultaneously throwing support behind soft-on-crime policies.

Things like defunding the police, eliminating cash bail, and turning criminals loose on the streets increase the demand for self-protection.

As Fox News covers, this explains why Chicago gun shops are seeing a rise in people purchasing firearms.

Since the inception of COVID and subsequent mandates and restrictions, the Maxon Shooter’s Supplies and Indoor Range reported a 200% surge of people buying guns. Shop owner Dan Eldridge explained this ultimately boils down to the rise in crime, fueling a more significant demand for self-defense.

With murders, carjackings, and other acts of violent crime on an uptick, people in Chicago are moving to prevent themselves from being the next victims. Eldridge explained this is why folks are not only purchasing more guns and ammunition, but they’re also investing in training courses so they can know how to use their firearms.

According to the Maxon Shooter’s Supplies and Indoor Range, some of the greatest demographic upticks in purchasing firearms are women and minorities.

The rise of gun ownership across the nation directly correlates with increased crime rates. It isn’t a mutually exclusive trend to just Chicago.

Democrats need to understand that they cannot advocate for gun control while also pushing for policies that essentially allow criminals to act with impunity. Both policies, by themselves, are horrific. However, they certainly do not blend.

By doing things like eliminating cash bail, defunding police departments, etc., Democrats are working against the very same gun control agenda they claim to support. They’re also showing why it’s so dangerous for the government to come in and try to strip folks of their Second Amendment rights.

As the rates of gun ownership increase, Democrats are going to have a more challenging time selling anti-Second Amendment talking points, even barring the matter of surging crime rates.