Chicago Mayor Resorts To “Cringy Way” Of Promoting COVID Vaccines

For months now, COVID vaccines have been out and available to interested Americans. The federal government, after all, has gone out of its way to mention that COVID vaccines are free. All people have to do is go to a location near them, get the shot, and they’re good to go.

At this point, it’s pretty much fair to say that anyone genuinely interested in being vaccinated against COVID has already done so. The same also goes for booster shots, which have been available for a fair amount of time.

On the flip side, anyone who is not vaccinated at this point likely does not want to be. Much to the annoyance of the political left and medical establishments, some people will not take these shots regardless of how many bribes or mandates the government rolls out.

It is what makes the latest attempts of the Chicago mayor to promote COVID vaccines especially cringe-worthy, as covered by Twitchy.

On Thursday evening, Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago tried a new means of pushing people to get vaccinated against COVID. The Democrat mayor stood next to a series of US dollar bills spelled out to read “get vax’d.”

This image was then captured with a phone number Chicago residents can call to receive their shots shortly before this number arrived, a message that the “stack” of US dollars in the photograph could belong to someone who chose to get their COVID vaccines.

It wouldn’t be the first time various leaders have offered cash incentives to get more COVID vaccines in people’s arms. However, going to the extent of standing next to bills displayed to read “get vax’d” is indeed a first.

Americans across the United States sounded off about how terrible this was on social media. Some people described it as eerie, stating the US political class has no idea how it comes off to everyday Americans.

Like most inner cities run by Democrats, Chicago has severe crime, gangs, and more.

Therefore, many social media users declared that Mayor Lightfoot should focus on these issues before bribing people to get vaccinated. At this point, cash will not win over Americans who have chosen to refuse these vaccines.

For leaders to keep finding new ways to make COVID vaccines appeal to the unvaccinated shows how out of touch they indeed are.