Chicago Becomes Newest Recipient Of Illegal Migrants From Operation Lone Star

With thousands of illegal migrants coming across the U.S. border each day, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has been sending busloads to D.C. and New York City.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) tweeted “@GovAbbott is without shame or humility.”

Arriving at the windy city were approximately 100 illegal migrants, mostly from Venezuela, who crossed from Mexico into Texas.

In a statement, Abbott said, “The first Texas bus of migrants has arrived in Chicago. Biden’s inaction at our border puts Texans at risk & is overwhelming our communities. We’ll continue bussing migrants to sanctuary cities like NYC, DC, and now Chicago until the federal gov’t does its job and secures the border.”

In April, Abbott directed the Texas Division of Emergency Management to charter buses to transport the migrants into democrat-run sanctuary cities. Since then, thousands have been transferred to those cities providing much-needed relief to the border communities, according to a Facebook post by Abbott.

Texas state Sen. Kelly Hancock ( R ) said Abbott’s $4 billion Operation Lone Star is working, but the federal government isn’t doing its part to stem the flow of migration across the border.

“I mean, we’ve seized enough fentanyl to kill every U.S. citizen. That means there’s over 300 million doses of fentanyl that are not on the street. We’ve apprehended, what, 300,000 [migrants]? And I’m guessing the people who are saying such things have never been down there to see the environment that these people are coming across … when we apprehend them. They receive care, they receive clothing, they receive food, they receive showers, none of which they’re getting as they cross the miles and miles of the desert that they’re crossing,” Hancock said.

“Chicago has been a sanctuary for thousands of newcomers, and we will not turn our backs on those who need our help the most,” Lightfoot said, noting she is working with partners to ready the city to receive these individuals.

Abbott responded by saying he looks forward to seeing Chicago’s responsibility in action.