Capitol Police Internal Review Reports Significant January 6 Security Failures

A secret internal review conducted by the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) following the riots of January 6, 2021, found a number of errors including delays in deployment of special civil disturbance units and the dismantling of an intelligence unit that had been tasked with monitoring social media for credible threats to Capitol security.

The report dated June 4, 2021, was obtained by conservative outlet Just the News and indicates far-reaching leadership failures among the department and Democratic leadership. The report found that USCP received warnings from outside agencies including the FBI that there was a “strong potential for violence” on the day of the riots.

Instead of properly briefing and preparing USCP personnel, the department leaders simply included a “generic, all-encompassing quote” in the operational plan that was unclear about the actual dangers present.

Because the department dissolved its “open-source intelligence unit” that monitored social media for Capitol threats after Nancy Pelosi resumed the office of Speaker of the House, the threat on January 6 was exacerbated. Persons with the most experience in distilling social media threats were not assigned those duties at a time when they could have been of use to USCP.

The report also found that USCP had a Civil Disturbance Unit platoon held on standby in the Senate building’s air shaft for several minutes as other officers were struggling with the crowd on the Lower West Terrace.

The internal report was produced from 44 separate submissions provided by USCP commanders and frontline officers.

House Administration Committee Ranking Member Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) told reporters that the newly released report raises grave concerns that appear to not be of interest to Democratic leadership. He said the report shows Pelosi is not focused on actual security concerns and includes admissions by USCP that their intelligence capabilities were disabled by the Speaker.

Davis added that the majority’s “incompetence and unwillingness to fix long-standing issues was a main contributor” to the security breaches that made the riots much more dangerous than they might have been. He called for “immediate accountability and reform.”

The report indicates validation of claims made by some USCP whistleblowers who have said leadership has not provided all lawmakers with a full assessment of the security failures that have been indicated.

The internal report was released just before the prime-time televised hearings organized by Pelosi and her hand-picked January 6 Select Committee held Thursday evening. Democrats have admitted that the hearings have been organized for the purpose of laying blame for the riots on President Donald Trump and his close advisors.