Canadian PM Swerves Out of His Lane, Slams US Supreme Court

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stepped firmly into U.S. politics Saturday with harsh criticism of the Supreme Court. A politician who has enough worries at home found time to critique issues of a neighbor.

Mincing no words, the leftist leader erupted on Friday’s “horrific” ruling. Trudeau lamented that American women face a “devastating setback” after generations fought to secure freedoms.

Speaking from Rwanda at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, the prime minister spread his warning across the political spectrum. Rights for women, the LGBT community, and people “disenfranchised and marginalized” are under attack — in his words.

Further, “no government, politician, or man” should force a woman to bear a child.

Trudeau also fears that legal protections for gay relationships, including the right to marry same-sex partners, will disappear.

He made certain to roll out the welcome wagon for American women seeking abortions to travel to Canada, saying this is “something that will continue.” When asked about funding travel for U.S. women to access his country’s socialized medical system, Trudeau dodged the question.

In an ironic and amusing comment, Trudeau advocated making a stand and “fighting for rights” every day. Nice sentiment, but what happened when Canadian truckers did exactly that?

Just a few short months ago, many of his countrymen and women were fed up with draconian mandates that stifled freedom of movement and business. Hard-working truck drivers who depend on both protested strict quarantine regulations for the unvaccinated.

So, how did Trudeau respond?

The petulant prime minister declared the first national public order emergency in 50 years. Over truckers and their allies making a stand and “fighting for rights.”

This freedom fighter from the North froze bank accounts, suspended insurance on trucks, and shut down fundraising efforts to support the protesters in their fight.

Trudeau was far from the only Canadian leader to scold its southern neighbor. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland experienced a “visceral reaction” upon hearing of Friday’s decision.

She was “shocked,” “horrified,” and “worried.”

As our ancestors constantly reminded us, those who live in glass houses should avoid stone-throwing. Trudeau and the Canadian government have their own laundry list of issues to keep them busy without pressing their collective noses into their neighbor’s business.