California Issued Over 1 Million Licenses To Illegal Migrants

California has handed out over a million driver’s licenses to illegal migrants since the state deleted its requirement that drivers be legal U.S. residents in 2015. At least 700,000 have since renewed their licenses.

According to CalMatters, almost 40% of illegal aliens in the state have acquired a license to legally drive since the law was changed. California has an estimated 3.3 million illegal aliens or more than the populations of 20 U.S. states.

Supporters of the move claim that granting the licenses has been a great help for migrants, though it has numerous detractors. Even some immigration advocates worry that law enforcement and federal immigration officials can access the database for information on illegals

The law, the Safe and Responsible Drivers Act, was passed by California lawmakers in 2013 and took effect two years later. AB60 was touted by leftists as a way to be more inclusive towards immigrants — albeit illegal ones.

Advocates asserted that it allowed them to make a larger contribution to the overall economy, and 18 other states then followed suit.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new law into effect in September opening avenues for illegal residents who do not drive or take the driver’s test to access other state forms of ID. Proponents say the statute aids the elderly and disabled.

Certainly, there have been numerous Illegals taking advantage of state generosity. Official data showed that almost 400,000 filled out required paperwork to receive their licenses after the law was implemented. The next year another 337,000 received their driver’s licenses.

And from 2017 to 2022, nearly half a million illegal migrants attempted to be able to legally drive in the sanctuary state.

Blue states followed California’s lead in granting the licenses, and Democrats nationwide continue in their attempts to blur the lines between legal and illegal residents. In doing so, they remove privileges meant for only citizens and legal immigrants.

With more local governments pushing for illegals to be able to vote, the lure of coming to the U.S. without going through proper channels only gets stronger. Eliminate the draw, as former President Donald Trump attempted to do, and the crisis largely goes away.