California Faces Serious Energy Problem

California is one of the most left-wing states in the nation, and made headlines upon announcing its plan to phase out the sales of gas-powered vehicles by the time 2035 arrives.

Recently polling from Rasmussen Reports demonstrated that over 50% of the nation doesn’t believe these vehicles are feasible. However, the White House and top Democrats at the state level are bound and determined to push this agenda as much as possible.

However, from the looks of things, California has bigger fish to fry than trying to strong-arm everyone into using electric vehicles.

The state’s electric grid operator recently put out a notice that’s going viral on social media.

Bad News For Golden State Residents
In California, the state’s residents have been advised to cut back on the amount of electricity they’re consuming. This announcement from the electric grid operator comes amid dwindling power availability.

The specific ways of conserving energy that have been suggested to Californians include turning down their air conditioner temperatures and holding off on electric vehicle charging.

California residents were advised to make these changes from between 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. This is when the demand on the state’s electric grid is expected to be most vulnerable.

However, this may only be the beginning of electric problems facing the Golden State. Should the electric grid or the weather in California get even worse, the state could be looking at even tighter guidelines that are meant to conserve energy.

Part of a Pattern
What’s happening in California is not an outlier. This is far from the first time the left-wing state has found itself on the brink of blackouts, therefore leading to calls for energy or utility conservation.

Given the very clear issues that California continues to have with its access to energy and power, some Americans are warning that perhaps going full throttle with the current climate change agenda isn’t the best idea.

If California succeeds in wiping out gas-fueled car sales, yet persists with its current electric issues, many residents of the state will be stranded. It wasn’t too long ago that various electric vehicle charging stations in California also weren’t working properly.