Businesses Join States In ‘Eliminating’ Mask Mandates

At this juncture in the world, people everywhere are sick of mandates. People are fed up with being told that if they don’t do what the government wants, then they’re somehow a threat to the elderly, immunocompromised, or public safety in general.

As it turns out, there’s only so long that public health officials can move the goalposts and disregard their edicts before people decide that enough is enough.

As Democrats grow more afraid of losing their power in the federal and state governments, multiple left-wing governors and mayors suddenly strike down mask mandates. Of course, this comes after mass protests against mandates and the overall unpopularity of COVID restrictions.

TheBlaze reports that various businesses are also following this lead and striking down mask requirements.

Target was one of many businesses to have mask mandates in place for both their employees and the customers who shopped at their establishments for quite some time.

However, on Monday, the retail outlet announced its choice to do away with mask mandates. According to Target, workers and shoppers in their US locations won’t be required to don masks anymore. The outlet clarified that this change was brought about by reducing various coronavirus cases in America.

This past Monday, Target also mentioned encouraging employees to get vaccinated against COVID. However, there was no mention of COVID vaccine mandates of any kind.

Like mask mandates, COVID vaccine mandates remain profoundly unpopular and have sparked massive protests against them across the globe.

As different restrictions and mandates are phased out of American society, it appears as though a return to normal is finally underway.

The shift first commenced last month when the United States Supreme Court struck down the COVID vaccine mandate that Biden tried to implement for businesses with 100 or more workers on the payroll.

Had the highest court in the land not struck down that mandate, the country would look very different than it does today. It also encouraged Biden and other leftist leaders to push for even more medical mandates and autocratic restrictions.

However, despite the positive turn of events this year, the battle of freedom vs. mandates is far from over. In certain parts of the country, there are still Democrats doing all they can to cling to mandates and stomp all over freedom.

It is something Americans should remember as various elections get closer and closer.