Blue Light Special: Photos With VP Harris

A photo to keep forever showing the purchaser and Vice President Kamala Harris recently cost a cool $15,000. The Democratic National Committee, bowing to the laws of supply and demand, not only postponed that particular event but slashed the price to merely $5,000.

Some would argue that if you are patient, that price will come tumbling down shortly.

Never mind the optics of charging $15,000 to be photographed with a public servant, the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum is being rescheduled due to a lack of response.

Now, the VP’s California fundraiser later this month offers these once-in-a-lifetime photo-ops at a $10,000 discount. Are these pictures with or without a mask?

Her boss’ unpopularity has not translated to more support for Harris as she continues to flail through her job. A revolving door of disgruntled staffers highlights the widely rumored dysfunction in the vice president’s office.

The truth is, it’s never a great sign when the boss has to threaten your colleagues not to spread negative stories about you. President Joe Biden was forced to do exactly that last year as her staffers and the presidents could not get along.

Of course, this is the same Kamala Harris who butchered a Juneteenth history lesson to a surprised group of youngsters at the National Museum of African American History and Culture on Monday.

First, she declared that “Black people were not free for 400 years of slavery.” The correct number is 250, but correct answers are out of style currently, so who’s counting? A White House official said she meant the “400 years since slavery began.”

Harris also credited the Emancipation Proclamation, at least indirectly, with freeing the slaves. While it carried moral weight and set a precedent, it only declared slaves in areas the Union had no control over to be free. Somewhat like President Biden raising taxes in Australia.

To free slaves, we needed the 13th Amendment.

Charging thousands for photos with a sitting vice president is a different way to raise funds. With the way 2022 is going, Democrats need to cash in whatever they can immediately, even at a deep discount. That photo with Vice President Harris may not be much of a keepsake soon.