Black Lives Matter in Open Conflict with NYC Mayor Adams

The chapter of Black Lives Matter active in New York City has declared open public relations warfare with the city’s Democratic Mayor Eric Adams.

BLM’s New York chapter co-founder Hawk Newsome appeared for an in-person interview on Fox News last Thursday and briefly stunned studio host Bill Hemmer when he described Adams with a racial slur on the live broadcast.

Hemmer played a short video segment in which Mayor Adams questioned the mission of BLM. In the clip, Adams asked where all the activists claiming that “Black Lives Matter” were when black crime victims were shot in the city. The mayor added that the thousands of people who protested the death of George Floyd should be “in the street right now” on behalf of the black children dying every night.

Newsome responded by calling Adams a racial slur and said he only “spews conservative or Republican talking points.” He also called the mayor a “white man in blackface,” and a “very conservative minded” one at that.

Newsome said Admas was “deflecting” by criticizing BLM in light of the recent shooting of 16 victims at a Brooklyn subway station. He also made a vague reference to Adams’ budget of “billions of dollars” and “40,000 officers.”

He went on to criticize Adams as a “master of press conferences” and said that he cannot stop the city from being a “war zone.”

Newsome went on to blast the Democratic Party as well. While saying “cops are not the answer,” he said poor people in the city are commiting crimes “out of desperation.” He said Republicans will say to the poor they will “teach you to empower yourselves” but Democrats want to keep the poor handicapped and “on welfare.” He said the city’s schools are failing and if politicians want to end crime they should “give the kids programs.”

Black murders increased 32% nationwide in 2020 as the George Floyd riots raged around the nation.