Bill Maher Just Went ‘Nuclear’ On Democrats

Much of the nation is familiar with the left-wing talk show Bill Maher. It’s not uncommon for Maher to discuss various current events and social issues in a comedic fashion. However, as of late, Maher’s been taking it upon himself to call out the absolute insanity being perpetrated by the Democrat Party.

Maher’s rhetoric has centered around just how wild and passionate leftists have become regarding COVID, masks, and restrictions in general.

However, RedState reports that some of the latest reports from Maher have Democrats fuming.

In one of his latest segments, Maher didn’t hold back at all. The talk show host declared that Democrats of today are essentially spoofs of themselves. After noting the inherent lunacy associated with endless COVID rules coming from the left, Maher said that the solution of every problem is not a “regulation.”

The talk-show host then noted that it’s time for the United States to take a page out of other nations’ books and start getting back to normal. It means rolling around the COVID restrictions that Democrats have grown so fond of over the past two years.

Before wrapping up his segment, Maher drew attention to the Johns Hopkins research showing the massive ineffectiveness of lockdowns. After noting that this was something major to be wrong about, the talk show host noted many matters the CDC has been wrong about.

Some examples of the CDC’s many errors include saying COVID vaccines stop transmission, advocating for people to wash packages before bringing them into their homes, etc.

As much as today’s political left hates it, Republicans and conservatives are not the only people calling out the utter insanity associated with ceaseless coronavirus restrictions.

As Democrats continue to cling to these mandates as vessels for power, they’re losing the support of people in the center, Independents and Maher.

Modern leftists work as hard as possible to keep these measures in effect. They’re only putting their insanity and greed for power on full display. Quite frankly, there need to be more people across the political spectrum who are willing to call out Democrats and say enough is enough.

If Democrats want to mask up forever, take 49,394,071 booster shots, and live their lives virtually, they have every right to make these choices as individuals. What they’re not free to do is force everyone else to do the same in perpetuity.