Bill Maher and Joe Rogan Discuss Why the Democrats Are ‘Going to Get Their A** Kicked in November’

Speaking on Joe Rogan’s podcast, “Real Time” host Bill Maher discussed why the Democrats are probably “going to get their a** kicked” in the midterm elections this November.

“I’m always saying to the Democrats, just don’t be the party of ‘no common sense’ and you will be surprised at what amazing success you will have, as opposed to what’s going to happen, which is they’re going to get their a** kicked in November,” the liberal talk show host said.

Maher has gained some notoriety among conservatives recently because he has called out his party’s increasingly radical left-wing ideas.

But during the recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Maher reiterated something he has been saying as of late: he is not the one who has changed; it is the Democrat Party who has begun to move towards the radical left, and they are leaving the sane liberals behind.

“The left has gotten goofier. So, I seem more conservative, maybe,” he claimed. “But like, it’s not me who changed. I feel like I’m the same guy.”

“Five years ago we hadn’t spent $6 trillion to stay home. I mean, I understand we had to do something with the pandemic,” Maher added. “Five years ago, no one was talking about abolishing the police. There was no talk about pregnant men. I mean, looting was still illegal. So, like, have I changed? No, because if someone had said 20 years ago ‘I’m not sure looting is a bad thing,’ I would’ve opposed it then. So, I haven’t changed.”



Discussing why he and Rogan — both of whom consider themselves liberals — have seen a growth in their followings, Maher stated: “I think it’s because we are both seen as people who are commonsensical.”

“And that is what there is a hunger for, I think, in America, more than anything, is common sense. Away from the extremes,” he continued.

Later in the show, the two comedians talked about Big Tech censorship of the COVID-19 lab-leak theory, using it as an example of how everything in the U.S. has become politicized and categorized into one of two “extremes.”

“It wasn’t cool that [Twitter] didn’t allow the lab-leak theory to be talked about,” Maher stated. “For months, you couldn’t even mention it. And that is certainly something that was open to question.”

“I mean, it was like, to me, the very kind of issue that if Twitter was really doing the job it should would be a healthy forum for people to go back and forth and say, ‘Well, here’s why I think COVID probably came from bats because A, B and C’ and then, ‘Well, but you know, there was this lab in Wuhan that was studying coronaviruses and somebody could have walked out with it on their shoe,’” he continued. “’Can’t we even look into that?’”

“For Twitter to take that off, that to me was a huge red flag,” Maher added.

Rogan replied to Maher’s comments, saying: “It was crazy because it wasn’t resolved. It just wasn’t resolved. It wasn’t resolved amongst virologists, there was no way they could know.”

“Even the Biden administration admits that,” Maher added. “[Robert] Redfield, the former head of the CDC, firmly believes that it was in a lab, but again, that becomes the conservative view. For what f***ing reason, why — I can’t even follow the logic of why we pick, ‘OK, if you think it came from the wet markets, you’re a Democrat. And if you think it came out of the lab, you’re a Republican.’ It’s like what the f*** does it have to do with a Republican or Democrat?”