Biden’s “Winter of Death” Prediction Has Come Up Short

For the past two years, healthcare officials and left-wing political leaders have approached COVID-19 in misguided and irresponsible ways. And their actions are not without consequences for the American public.

While lost jobs and massive societal damages are some of the worst consequences to come out of the pandemic, a loss of trust in health officials and political leaders has occurred as well. Time and time again, these individuals have made promises, predictions, and statements that proved to be completely false.

Look no further than the medical community claiming that COVID vaccines would stop the spread of coronavirus. These vaccines have been available to the country for over a year. Yet, even with most Americans taking the vaccines, COVID is still not gone. In fact, countries with the highest vaccination rates have seen the largest increase in the virus.

However, of all the predictions made by government bureaucrats, one of the silliest ones of all was Joe Biden’s warning about a supposed “winter of death.” As documented by Red State, this “winter of death” has not panned out at all.

Debunking Fear-based Lies

Biden has displayed disturbing high levels of hostility toward American citizens who refuse to take COVID vaccines.

Back in December, the sitting president predicted that unvaccinated Americans were heading into a winter involving “severe illness and death,” unless they rolled up their sleeves for the almighty COVID vaccines.

Fast forward to this past Sunday, March 20, and winter has officially come and gone. Most Americans who declined to take COVID vaccines are still alive and kicking.

Meanwhile, folks like former President Obama and White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who are double vaccinated and boosted, have recently tested positive for COVID.

Biden’s “winter of death” did not pan out, plain and simple. It was never going to pan out either. This was simply the president’s way of trying to scare Americans into taking experimental COVID vaccines as he realized his attempts to implement nationwide COVID vaccine mandates wouldn’t be effective.

Embracing the Truth

The truth of the matter is this: when it comes to COVID, there are absolutely no guarantees one way or the other.

These vaccines do not prevent anyone from catching the virus; they also don’t prevent COVID from being passed onto others. Vaccinated and unvaccinated people alike have come down with this virus.

Natural immunity is also a factor worth mentioning. This, too, works against the “winter of death” prediction Biden pushed to further his own agenda. Interestingly, the White House has gone out of its way to avoid discussing natural immunity.