Biden’s War On US Energy Leaves A ‘Political Mess’ For Democrats

During the Trump Administration, Americans were blessed with energy independence and critical supplies here at home. It led to gas prices and a litany of other positive developments that have evaporated with the arrival of the Biden Administration.

Since the inception of Biden’s presidency, some of his initial anti-energy moves entailed the destruction of Keystone XL Pipeline and hampering unreasonable oil and gas drilling restrictions.

In the same breath, Biden also worked on outsourcing energy production so that Americans would have to rely on other nations for critical supplies.

Of course, just as Republicans warned, Biden’s vendetta against energy production in the United States has led to higher prices and other issues. Now, Democrats are left trying to explain it all away, as documented by The Federalist.

Earlier this week, Democrats convened for a House Oversight congressional hearing. Of course, they used this time to demonize domestic energy production further. It is a tune Democrats have been singing for quite some time.

The latest narrative from the left asserts that America needs to change the way energy is produced and consumed for climate change.

Meanwhile, everyday Americans are spending more money on gas and paying higher rates to keep their homes warm during the wintertime. Of course, these higher prices are worsened by the inflation crisis triggered by Biden’s spending packages.

However, during this week’s House Oversight congressional hearing, Democrats attempted to explain this away. According to Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Russia is the true culprit of higher gas prices than Biden’s war against the energy sector.

Americans aren’t falling for these lies. It’s no coincidence that gas prices in America today are nearly $1.00 higher than they were over a year ago when Trump was still President.

As Biden wages war on domestic energy production, he’s working with other nations to help them produce energy in their homelands. Look no further than Biden’s blessing for Putin to proceed with the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.

Meanwhile, the President and his Administration debate whether the Line 5 Pipeline in Michigan should meet the same demise faced by the Keystone XL Pipeline over a year ago.

Some of the most prominent advocates of fixing “climate change” have zero flying around on private jets. Yet, they demand everyday Americans to make all these changes, stop eating meat, and start paying more money for essential resources.

It is yet another unfortunate example of Democrats putting their corrupt special interests ahead of the United States’ best interests.