Biden’s True Intentions With Immigration Have Been Revealed

Since Joe Biden got into office, the southern border has been faced with a series of back-to-back problems.

When Biden settled into the White House and began tearing down the immigration work of former President Trump, many Americans questioned what he was doing. Biden’s removal of Trump-era immigration policies was especially problematic since he didn’t install any new guidelines at all.

Naturally, this led to massive increases of illegal immigrants coming to the nation’s southern border. It also put the squeeze on Border Patrol officials who lack the resources to deal with these new surges of illegal crossings, drugs, and other dangers.

However, as this all plays out, one Republican lawmaker is now revealing the president’s true agenda in allowing mass chaos at the border.

The Truth About Biden’s Immigration Plans
During a sit-down with Newsmax, Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) said the mayhem at the US-Mexico border is deliberate on the president’s end.

Babin also explained the US president is working hand-in-hand with his Mexican counterpart to funnel as many illegal immigrants into America as possible. The Texas Republican’s warning that Mexico is taking advantage of the United States is not an outlier, either.

Not too long ago, the Mexican president went on record calling for the removal of borders between North America and South America. The president of Mexico was also clear that he’d specifically bring up this matter to Biden when the pair convene next month.

Later, during his interview with Newsmax, Babin reiterated the long-term plan of the Biden administration. They ultimately aim to get as many new people into the nation as possible.

From here, the congressman warned, the White House seeks to make these folks dependent on government programs and eventually secure their votes.

Already, in blue states like New York and California, illegal immigrants are able to vote under certain conditions. Democrats clearly would like to expand upon this, giving illegal immigrants the voting rights enjoyed by everyday Americans.

Grounds For Impeachment?
The issues facing the southern border are grave national security concerns. Without proper vetting of who’s coming over, terrorists and other unsavory characters could march on in, totally undetected.

Countless Americans have said Biden’s refusal to uphold US immigration laws is grounds for him to be impeached. All presidents take an oath of office to uphold the law; yet, this is an area where Biden has consistently fallen short.

If the southern border continues as it has been, lawlessness will only become more pervasive.