Biden’s State Of The Union Address Didn’t Fool Anyone

From an objective perspective, the State of the Union is in grave peril.

In real-time, Border Patrol agents are struggling with decades-high levels of illegal immigration. That comes in addition to various instances of children being abandoned at the border, along with drug and human traffickers having a free form.

Aside from the border, inflation is forcing companies to raise their rates as a means of staying in business. Meanwhile, as consumers are forced to pay more money for the basics, the value of their paychecks is steadily diminishing.

Likewise, public safety is a disaster, with crime rates soaring across the United States. Meanwhile, gun rights are under attack, as are the rights for Americans to make their own choices without a nanny state government breathing down their necks.

However, Biden wasn’t too keen on addressing any of these pressing matters on Tuesday. Therefore, as The Federalist points out, the president tried to transform the formal State of the Union Address into a political speech for his re-election campaign.

As much of the nation has since pointed out, Biden’s address on Tuesday was utterly void of truths, reality or solutions to the problems he’s spawned.

Instead, the president opted to talk about how great he (mistakenly) thinks he is and what an excellent job he (wrongly) believes his policies have done. Biden didn’t take a single moment to point out that policies like medical mandates, shutdowns, etc., have caused significant damage to so many lives.

The president even dared to put his American Rescue Plan on a pedestal instead of acknowledging how it fueled an ongoing inflation crisis.

Biden’s State of the Union Address was so poor that even CNN was forced to admit that the number of people with a “very positive” view of the address is lower than it’s been in 15 years.

Even though most viewers of the State of the Union tend to belong to the current president’s party, despite Biden’s best efforts on Tuesday, it is more than apparent that he doesn’t stand a chance of getting in the White House for a second term.

Growing numbers of Americans don’t like Biden. It includes Democrats who are frustrated with the president for promising them various freebies and failing to deliver.

The only person Biden managed to fool while speaking on Tuesday is himself.