Biden’s Response To Inflation Is Getting ‘More Erratic’

Since getting into the White House, Joe Biden has created an inflation crisis that is quite literally crippling the lives of the American people.

Thanks to Biden’s spending packages, stimulus checks, etc., inflation is at a high that has not been seen in nearly four decades. To add insult to injury, the wages earned by the average American are not even coming close to keeping up with inflation.

Meanwhile, as prices naturally rise due to inflation, interest rates are also climbing. The uptick in inherent rates is a maneuver by the federal government to offset inflation. However, this only serves to squeeze the American public further.

Biden, for his part, has been all over the place when it comes to inflation. First, he said inflation wouldn’t be an issue. Then, Biden claimed inflation would be nothing more than “transitory.”

For a while, the President just ignored the inflation crisis altogether. However, per American Thinker, his latest remarks on this issue are about as outrageous as it gets.

During a Podcast, the President might as well have told Americans not to believe the experiences they’re living with day in and day out.

Instead, Biden declared that COVID had created a state of psychosis where Americans are essentially unable to be happy and recognize what a great job he’s done. Biden even dared to declare that he’s caused things to be “so much better” for the American people economically.

It is an outright lie and gaslighting to its highest degree. Inflation, higher prices, higher interest rates, and lower wages are not “so much better.” People losing their jobs due to illegal medical mandates pushed by Biden also don’t fall under the umbrella of “so much better.”

In light of Biden’s latest remarks about inflation in the country, he’s faced fierce backlash on Twitter and other social media problems.

Some people branded Biden as elitist and out of touch. Meanwhile, others declared that Biden is deceiving himself and mentally unwell if he believes the economy is doing well at this point.

Another common theme pointed out is this: If Biden truly thinks the current condition of the US economy is favorable, then he’s got absolutely no incentive to change a single thing that he’s doing.

It is terrible news for the American people. However, November will give Americans a chance to offset the damage by getting Republicans back in control of Congress.