Biden’s Remarks At The Union Speech Were A Mess, But He Got ‘Nailed Twice’ For It During The Speech

It was challenging to determine which aspect of Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech was more prominent. It was a toss-up between being really dull and highly deceptive. The president presented with no genuine passion, no actual accomplishments and no understanding of the true status of the country that he has so severely messed up.

According to the reports, Joe and Jill Biden hosted guests in the White House for the State of the Union Address, rather than members of Congress, who were barred from hosting guests due to “science,” as is customary at the SOTU. Even before he began his address, Joe Biden laid the basis for the cognitive dissonance that has characterized his presidency.

Instead, he addressed names and went on, the fact that they were present as an afterthought. “His approach would not only reduce expenses to give families a fighting chance. It will also reduce the deficit,” Biden stated. But the question is, what exactly was he saying? Listen to things that won’t happen yet continue to live in his unreality bubble?

While he spent a lot of time talking about the plan, he never seriously addressed inflation or gas costs. Biden discussed how he planned to release 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Reserve to address the possible repercussions of rising gas prices. That’s like raiding a savings account because people haven’t bothered to keep the income coming in. After all, Biden has reduced their energy production alternatives. Biden is still importing 595,000 barrels of Russian oil each day, so how can he genuinely discuss Russia without taking measures to cut them off? If he doesn’t, he’s not serious and he doesn’t care how much it costs Americans at the pump.

Therefore Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address was essentially a retread of his previous Build Back Better statements. One apparent omission should have been there that demonstrates his priorities: no mention of the 13 military personnel who died due to his mistakes in Afghanistan. It appeared as his brain had malfunctioned in the middle of whatever crap he was attempting to utter, and he had forgotten what he was going to say. So he filled the hole with everything else he could think of.