Biden’s Press Conference Is Full Of “Lies, Deceit And Division”

Joe Biden awakens from his nap every three months and has a “news conference.” The ridiculousness only surpasses the incidents’ rarity they constantly unfold. The President arrives with a binder to read from, calls on reporters who have been pre-selected, and seldom gets a challenging question.

President Joe Biden’s press appearances are nothing more than an opportunity for him to delude Americans about his first year in office’s failings. He spent several minutes discussing inaccurate statistics and ginning up support for his re-election campaign with lies and distortions during today’s “news conference.”

Moreover, he claims that salaries have increased, but this does not imply that the great majority of Americans have received a raise. While wages are rising, this is primarily due to more excellent starting compensation in service occupations to fill vacancies. Inflation has significantly outpaced wage growth, and most Americans are now poorer than they were a year ago.

The President boasted about his now-stagnant employment growth but omitted to emphasize that these aren’t “new jobs.” They are still well behind the pre-pandemic employment high, and a blind monkey could have outperformed the current job growth rate. When the government suffocates the economy, it can only move in one direction once the limitations are loosened. That’s not an achievement, and things would be a lot worse if Republican states weren’t ignoring the administration’s standards and strengthening the figures.

Biased framings and softball questions were the norms of the day, and the President was all too glad to take advantage of them to spread even more deception and hatred. Preemptive delegitimization of the next election is both hazardous and unethical. It’s also quite hypocritical, given that They’ve just spent the last year being lectured that there’s no greater sin than doubting an election’s legitimacy.

Even though he has no evidence, Joe Biden has pushed the idea that people’s votes would not be tallied and that voters would be silenced. Even the most reviled voting reform legislation increases voter participation compared to pre-pandemic levels. When confronted about his comparison of Republicans to George Wallace and Bull Connor, Biden became enraged and peed on America’s collective leg, claiming it was pouring.

It is understood this man is senile, but you’d think he’d be intelligent enough to see that accusing someone of being on George Wallace’s side is a clear parallel. That was Joe Biden’s intention, no matter how much he tried to hide his previous, despicable remarks. The President also made some concerning remarks about Russia invading Ukraine, among other completely inane comments, but it just cannot be covered in one post. Regardless, what was witnessed today was not unexpected. Biden is still the cowardly, vengeful creature that he has always been.