Biden’s Plan for Repealing Title 42 Not Helping Anyone

The crisis at the southern border is on pace to set records for migrant contacts. Over two million illegal immigrants are expected to interact with the Border Patrol this year, an all-time high. President Biden is expected to add fuel to the fire when he repeals Title 42 in May, a Trump-era regulation that has been used to keep migrants in Mexico during the Covid pandemic.

The Biden administration forwarded a 20-page plan whose purpose is to provide guidance for agencies on how to deal with the expected migrant surge. Democrats in Congress who are up for reelection were begging the administration for something they could point to for political cover in their home districts. The memorandum failed to deliver in the eyes of many.

The Democrat party’s unstated policy of open borders is starting to become a major liability. Even with the friendly mainstream media providing positive coverage of the administration and flat out ignoring the border, the sheer number of people coming across cannot be swept under the rug. President Biden has made many missteps with the border, none as costly as putting Kamala Harris in charge early in the administration.

Not only did Vice President Harris not attend to the problem, but her office also allowed leaks to the effect that she resented the border being in her portfolio of problems to be tackled. Fewer and fewer people are taking the Vice President seriously, and her attachment to any problem shows that the administration does not treat it as a priority. There may be a delay in removing Title 42, however, due to a battle in the court system.

Even if the states can keep Title 42 in place, it is a holding action only. Everyone agrees that the immigration system in this country is completely broken. Unless there is bi-partisan cooperation and a serious attempt at immigration reform, the tide of migrants will not stop. Drugs will continue to flow across the border, and victims of human trafficking will continue to be abused by the cartels. The Biden administration is not trying to solve the border crisis, he is only trying to provide cover for his political allies for the upcoming election.

Regular Americans will continue to suffer until the border situation is confronted by serious people.