Biden’s Partisan Attacks Against Republicans Just Backfired

When Joe Biden ran for President in 2020, he talked a lot about unity and “restoring” what he called the “soul” of the United States. When Biden delivered his inaugural address, he spoke quite a bit about how Americans’ unity and togetherness are the only paths forward.

Of course, talk is cheap. With a matter of days before Biden reaches the one-year mark of his presidency, it couldn’t be more apparent how much he’s ended up dividing the country. Polling has already shown that a strong plurality of Americans can recognize Biden as the inherently divisive figure.

Biden’s divisive nature indeed came to light earlier this week when he attacked Republicans (and even moderate Democrats) who aren’t in favor of his bills to take over elections.

According to Twitchy, these attacks have wholly backfired and left the White House trying to do damage control.

According to the 46th President, anyone who doesn’t support removing the Senate filibuster or passing radical elections takeover legislation is akin to racists, segregationists, and other bigots.

During his speech in Atlanta, Georgia, days ago, Biden made it very clear that this is what he thinks. The White House is trying to clean this up and make it sound better.

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, when Biden compared his political opponents to segregationists and racists, the comparisons weren’t about these opponents as “humans,” but rather the decisions they’re making on legislation.

It was such a foolish way of trying to explain away what Biden said. Twitter users panned Biden, Psaki, and the White House to expect Americans to believe such outright lies.

Other people questioned who wrote Biden’s speech in Atlanta and why this speechwriter viewed the unfavorable comparisons as an acceptable idea.

With each passing day, the Biden presidency continues falling apart. Days ago, the Supreme Court struck down the big business COVID vaccine mandate that Biden put in place.

The demise of this mandate also arrived within days of learning that there aren’t enough votes in the Senate to end the filibuster or pass the elections overhaul legislation that Biden favors.

Meanwhile, the 46th President starts 2022 with a laughable 33% approval rating. It couldn’t be more evident that the nation collectively rejects Biden and his administration.

Biden’s doing such an awful job that members of his party are mulling over the prospect of Hillary Clinton making another run for the White House in 2024.