Biden’s Ordinary Foreign Policy Matches Trump’s First Impeachment

The closest that the Democrats and the corporate media ever got to explaining why the Nancy Pelosi-controlled House of Representatives impeached President Trump was a vague and still unsubstantiated “quid pro quo.”

The purported reason for the impeachment was Trump’s negotiations with Ukraine to prompt that country to investigate corruption that directly affects the U.S. Included in that corruption was Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine’s energy industry.

That farcical impeachment ended as the second Trump impeachment did, with the Democrat votes to convict, that could have been mailed in without a trial, falling far short of the number needed to remove Trump from office.

When he was Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden was charged with handling that administration’s foreign policy with Ukraine. At that time, Biden’s son, Hunter, was reportedly taking in $83,000 per month as a board member of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma. It has also been reported that Hunter Biden had no experience in the energy industry at the time.

Now that Joe Biden has assumed office and is in charge of the country’s foreign policy, quid pro quo demands on Ukraine are again considered business as usual.

The Biden administration has decided that it should now support the Russia-to-Germany Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. That pipeline will require the cooperation of Ukraine, whether obtained voluntarily or otherwise. The White House is threatening Ukraine with the withholding of aid from D.C. if the country opposes the pipeline.

To complete the ridiculous nature of the comparison to the first Trump impeachment, Biden is further making demands of Ukraine that the country investigate internal corruption. Biden is planning to host Ukrainian President Zelensky at the White House in August for that purpose.

The New York Post reported last month that Zelensky is maintaining opposition to Nord Stream 2, as it would circumvent and isolate the capital city, Kyiv. Biden meanwhile is dealing with Russia and Germany, both of which strongly support the project. Biden’s decision to waive sanctions against the Russian company in charge of constructing the pipeline, saying, “it’s almost finished.”

Now that Hunter Biden has moved on from the energy business to full-time painting and selling his artwork to “unknown” buyers, it is doubtful that he will be caught up in the current brand of Ukrainian corruption being investigated.

The hypocrisy evident in comparing Trump’s Ukraine policy with the Biden position demonstrates how far the corporate press will ignore any unusual dealings by the current administration while making an otherwise standard action by Trump into a purportedly impeachable or even criminal offense.

Depending on the outcome of the next presidential election, we can surely expect the media to suddenly take an active interest in U.S. foreign policy again, whether it is accurate and fair or not.