Biden’s New Build Back Better Website Lacks Enthusiasm

President Joe Biden’s new web page is dedicated to convincing you that he’s doing something good, and just by the first paragraph, you can tell that they’re missing their mark.

So, if there’s been tough talk for years, what did Biden do as vice president for eight years under former President Barack Obama? They released $28 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). It was also supposed to generate 150,000 jobs.

Biden is taking the key out of Obama’s book in a time of economic crisis, and he’s assuming that spending more will make the country better. That’s not exactly how economics works.

The website also claims that the Build Back Better Act will “forge bipartisan consensus and prove our democracy can deliver big wins.” Even though there isn’t bipartisan support, all Democrats are for the Build Back Better Act.

Interestingly enough, Biden’s administration will be traveling. Sounds fun. Maybe they shouldn’t ignore the southern border. There are plenty of infrastructure problems at the border, but it’s unlikely that they’ll visit.

It’s so easy for the government to predict that something will be good for the country. Still, with most of these bills, they’ll last us outside of the presidency, making it difficult for a new president to come in. There needs to be a cap on the length of the plan to make sure we don’t get things like “by 2050, this bill will make this or that happen.” It’s unachievable with the current political structure.

Biden’s favorite line is included. “Building a Better America happens from the bottom-up and middle-out with good-paying, union jobs. It puts equity at the center of our work so that infrastructure brings us together and no community is left behind.”

Yes, nobody should be left behind that contributes to society positively. It’s not a given standard that everyone has a good-paying job, middle-class lifestyle, etc. There are portions of the society that live off of criminal activity and are lazy. Does everyone else pay for them to get ahead? Probably not.

Then, you have the “union jobs” quote. Are union jobs good for Americans? Maybe not as much as you think. Yes, they provide plenty of employment and negotiate wages and other aspects. Still, some regulations break down the efficacy, and the union will always have their own best interests in mind. It’s not a secure future for U.S. workers.