Biden’s Latest ‘Rhetoric’ About The Constitution Is A ‘Serious Problem’

Throughout President Biden’s time in the White House, he’s demonstrated an alarming and callous lack of regard. Biden is on record declaring that he doesn’t believe polls demonstrating massive disapproval of his job performance are accurate.

The President continues to ruin everything from foreign policy to immigration, the economy, the supply chain, and more.

Meanwhile, Biden is also guilty of breaking several key campaign promises during the 2020 presidential election. These promises entail getting rid of COVID, bringing together the left and the right, and not implementing COVID vaccine mandates.

In light of all the damage that this President has done, many Americans have thought that things can’t get much worse. However, Biden’s recent rhetoric about the United States Constitution is a genuine problem, as TheBlaze covers.

Biden shared his candid views about the Constitution during a Tuesday White House gathering with Vice President Kamala Harris and top congressional leaders.

According to the 46th President, our nation’s Constitution is continuously “evolving.” Biden specifically proclaimed that this “evolution” is about infringing upon rights or expanding rights.

Even more problematic about all this is that Biden made these comments as he prepares to submit a nominee to fill a forthcoming vacancy on the United States Supreme Court.

Biden continued his statements by declaring that debates about the Constitution emerge each time a president is granted the opportunity to nominate someone to serve on the Supreme Court.

Believe it or not, Biden’s false declaration that the Constitution is continually “evolving” is part of a pattern for him. In 2021, the President again alarmed Americans when he declared that no amendment of our country’s Constitution is “absolute.”

This remark was made about the Second Amendment.

This President’s documented track record of disparaging and disrespecting the Constitution should not be taken lightly. Biden’s statements about the Constitution arrive as he wages war on the various amendments.

Within the past several days, reports broke that the ATF has a registry of nearly one billion gun purchases made in the United States. This registry exists notwithstanding laws that bar federal gun registries.

At the same time, Democrats like Chuck Schumer are calling for $1.5 billion to be allocated to the ATF to go after the rights of gun owners. Of course, Schumer is framing this as a measure to crack down on crime.

Given the continuous rhetoric from Biden, it is all but guaranteed that his nominee for the United States Supreme Court will be a radical leftist intent on ripping this country apart. Every American should be on high alert.