In The Randian Sense, Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Was ‘Monumental’

Congress passed something last week, but it wasn’t constitutional. And it didn’t meet with approval from both parties in Congress. President Joe Biden hailed the passage of the Democrats’ $1.2 trillion pork-barrel spending monstrosity as a “monumental step forward for the nation.” Still, it was merely another step forward for the Democratic Party in Washington:

“Finally, infrastructure week. I’m so happy to say that: infrastructure week.”

Yet again, one trillion dollar appropriation after another, for two years straight, while the Federal Reserve created trillions of more new dollars, and glutted the economy with them, sending prices soaring to historical records across all markets, stealing even more from U.S. taxpayers when they go to spend their money, on top of how much extra Washington politicians are now stealing off their paychecks.

It’s time to turn this train around. We’re fast approaching peak kleptocracy. And after that is a fork in the line: serfdom or war. Choose your adventure. In the other direction is freedom.

What does “the nation” actually get out of building these trillion-dollar monuments? In an essay entitled, “The Monument Builders,” from her anthology, “The Virtue of Selfishness,” Ayn Rand wrote some half a century ago: “that a dead Pharaoh might lie in an imposingly senseless structure and thus gain eternal “prestige” in the eyes of the unborn of future generations.”

In the days of Pharaoh, the government would whip slaves to build mighty stone edifices. Today, Washington politicians are wrecking your finances as hard as they can to get a paragraph on their Wikipedia page that says a considerable number on it. Their futile vanity is that foolish.  

And there’s the name for it, that once nameless, very odd weirdness in Joe Biden’s put on the manner of just relishing, and savoring, and singing those just such beautiful two words, “Infrastructure Week,” the most beautiful two words in the English language. Oh yeah, infrastructure week! Infrastructure week, baby! Sex is great and all right, but have you had infrastructure week?

Just think how disappointed Brandon was that they took til Friday to pass his big porkin’ bill, so he only got one day to say “infrastructure is weak” and squeal in delight.