Biden’s Image Amongst The Public Just Keeps Tanking

Joe Biden is a prime example of how quickly a nation can fall when leaders who say anything to get elected are rewarded with public office.

During Biden’s time in the 2020 presidential election, he made all sorts of wild, grandiose promises that are never coming to fruition. Examples include his vows to cure cancer, defeat COVID, and end partisan divides in the United States.

After more than one year in office, Biden’s done such a poor job that even pro-leftist media outlets like CNN and MSNBC are trashing him. Meanwhile, Biden’s image amongst the public keeps tanking for a series of reasons, as noted by Breitbart News.

During a PBS NewsHour segment, David Brooks, a columnist with the New York Times, shared some insight into why Americans have such a low view of Biden.

According to Brooks, this all boils down to the President is viewed as a radical leftist and wholly removed from the crucial issues to the average American citizen.

The New York Times columnist explained that the issues Biden ought to be focusing on include COVID, soaring crime rates, and inflation. Brooks also clarified that the President can’t just talk about these issues but needs to take measured actions to fix them.

Later during the PBS NewsHour segment, Brooks declared that by Biden taking such a hard left turn in his presidency, he’d lost Americans’ support closer to the center of the political spectrum.

This assertion from the columnist remains backed up by the polls. Since the later part of 2021, Biden’s been significantly losing support from Independent voters in the United States. It explains why his approval rating stands at 33%.

Throughout his presidential tenure, Joe Biden has demonstrated the inability to take responsibility for any errors. He seems to think admitting that he made a mistake is beneath him.

For instance, look no further than Biden referring to his Afghanistan withdrawal as a success, even though Americans were abandoned in a hostile nation. At the same time, US service members lost their lives in a gruesome terrorist attack.

Then, just last week, Biden flatly told the nation that he does not believe the polls that show him with strong disapproval ratings. In light of these details, Americans shouldn’t expect Biden to heed Brooks’ advice or do anything to improve his public image.

However, the one silver lining to Biden’s hubris is it makes the jobs of taking back Congress and the White House that much easier for Republicans.