Biden’s Illegal Immigration Crisis is Putting Police in Danger

Since Joe Biden got into the White House, he’s set up a free for all when it comes to illegal immigration at the United States southern border.

Border Patrol officers are being overwhelmed by migrants illegally coming to the border. Meanwhile, Biden set this all in motion over a year ago when he removed Remain in Mexico and other immigration policies set up by the Trump administration.

At this point, millions of illegal immigrants have been encountered by officials at the southern border since Biden’s time in office. Now, as this crisis rages on, police officers are being endangered by run-ins with unlawful border crossers.

Terrible News Out of Minnesota
Many people who unlawfully enter the United States later go on to commit even more crimes. This is certainly the case when it comes to Mexican resident Pablo Nava-Jaimes.

The 31-year-old has been deported from the United States on seven different occasions. Right now, he’s also got a long rap sheet that includes drug crimes, assault, domestic violence, driving without a valid license, and firing a weapon at a police officer.

The latter incident took place earlier in June. In Minnesota, Nava-Jaimes forced police to pursue him for 100 miles while he drove under the influence. This is when the illegal immigrant chose to shoot at officers ten different times.

However, even in spite of Nava-Jamies being deported multiple times and committing additional crimes in America, a left-wing judge in Minnesota still went easy on him. His bail was taken down from $5 million to $100,000.

If Nava-Jaimes is able to fork over just $10,000, he’ll be able to get himself out of jail and back on the streets.

A Vicious Cycle Between Crime and Illegal Immigration
The United States has a big enough crime crisis as is with citizens of the country. The last thing the nation needs is even more lawlessness, courtesy of illegal immigration.

This is especially true for police officers. Law enforcement has already been maligned enough by Democratic lawmakers and other supporters of defunding the police.

As long as crime and illegal immigration are facilitated by left-wing lawmakers, judges, and other officials, America will continue to struggle with corruption. Over time, this will lead to more incidents like the one in Minnesota this month.