Biden’s “Ignorance” On Polls Explained

The polls are one of America’s most vital signs of dissatisfaction with Joe Biden’s presidency. Biden’s ratings are lower and lower in one poll after the other. Americans have serious problems with the way Biden handles crime, the economy, gun violence, and a host of other vital issues.

Believe it or not, the current President isn’t paying attention to the polls. Biden himself has admitted this on multiple occasions. During a 2021 appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, the 46th President admitted he stopped viewing polls once his numbers got low enough.

Then, during a press conference last month, Biden declared that he doesn’t even trust the polls showing rising disapproval numbers. However, as Biden continues to ignore the polls and the overall consensus of Americans, his situation is just getting worse, as PJ Media reports.

What’s most ironic about Biden’s ignorance of polls is how much the information in these surveys could help him. If the President were serious about being an even halfway decent leader for Americans, he would be paying attention to what the public says.

Polls show that most voters think the President should devote his energy to dealing with inflation. Meanwhile, Biden’s taking trips to promote an infrastructure law passed last year.

In January, Biden wildly told the media that he’s been “outperforming” as the President. However, he couldn’t be more wrong about this. According to a poll run by The National Pulse and Rasmussen Reports, 54% of Americans believe Biden will go down as one of America’s worst presidents.

Another poll to come out over the past few days revealed that 50% of Americans support Biden being impeached. It shouldn’t come as much of a shock, especially when you consider Biden’s refusal to enforce US immigration laws and his destructive negligence in the 2021 Afghanistan pullout.

For months now, polls surveying the midterms have shown Republicans leading Democrats in generic ballots. Meanwhile, Biden’s poll numbers remain negative in multiple states that will matter greatly for House and Senate elections later this year.

Throughout his time as commander-in-chief, Biden has demonstrated his incapability to take responsibility for his actions. This President doesn’t think he can make mistakes or poor judgment calls. This hubris ironically explains his refusal to look at polls and understand the overall sentiment of the nation.