Biden’s Figurative “Faceplants” Pose Real Issues For The Nation

This month, a new cartoon came out, depicting both literal and figurative problems associated with Biden’s presidency, as shown by RedState.

In the cartoon, the United States Secret Service members observe Biden with his face down in the grass as he sprawls on the ground outside.

One Secret Service agent in the cartoon declares that Biden’s “faceplant” position symbolizes his position on foreign policy. Then, another cartoon-version Secret Service member says he thought the “faceplant” was indicative of Biden’s domestic policy positions.

Unfortunately, in this cartoon, art is very much imitating life. The figurative faceplants that Biden’s made since getting into office are incredibly dangerous and leave the United States in a precarious position.

The following faceplants from the president of the United States are a chilling reminder of why Republicans must regain control of Congress in November and then take back the White House in 2024.

Time and time again, Biden’s faceplanted in front of the world on foreign policy matters. The president did it back in 2021 when he determined that upholding his handshake agreement with the Taliban was of greater importance than swiftly getting US soldiers and allies out of Afghanistan.

In real-time, Biden is faceplanting yet again by resisting bipartisan calls to stop American purchases of Russian oil. Instead of heeding the many calls for the United States to resume our energy production, Biden’s in talks with Iran to see if America can acquire oil from their country.

The inflation crisis Biden created via spending packages and has attempted to cover up, ignore, and shrug off is another figurative faceplant with terrible consequences.

Americans today are spending more money on gas and other goods than they have in decades. That’s not to mention that with inflation rising, this automatically devalues the spending power of the American dollar.

To this very day, neither Biden, his secretary of labor, nor a single person in his administration has laid out a comprehensive strategy to reduce living costs.

At this time, it has been well-documented and acknowledged by even the CDC that COVID vaccinations aren’t capable of stopping anyone from being infected with the virus or spreading the virus to other individuals.

Despite this, Biden insists upon a vaccine mandate for the military. Very few medical and religious exemptions submitted by service members are being approved. However, thanks to Biden’s mandate, the military is being depleted as good soldiers are kicked off the force, all for not taking an experimental vaccine.

In the long run, this threatens the United States’ national security by significantly reducing our numbers of troops.

Judging from what Biden’s presidency has entailed thus far, Americans can expect a lot more faceplants between now and 2024.