Biden’s Energy Policies Remain At Odds With His Foreign Policy Rhetoric

From the moment Joe Biden became president, he quickly proved himself an enemy of American energy.

Biden made every move possible to cut down US energy production while facilitating energy production in other nations. Look no further than Biden dismantling the Keystone pipeline last January while also clearing the path for Putin to construct Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

When it comes down to the nearly two-week-long and continuous war between Ukraine and Russia, Biden’s been talking strictly about how Putin’s aggression is backfiring. The president even claimed at his State of the Union Address that the Russian leader will never win the love of the “Iranian people.”

However, the gap between Biden’s policy and his tough talk about Russia’s war on Ukraine is just too significant. Such a gap warrants immediate action from Republican lawmakers, as explained by TheBlaze.

Republicans and Democrats alike are on board with stopping the flow of Russian into America. Yet, Biden continues clinging to the lie that it can’t be done because it will force Americans here at home to pay more money for gas.

If the president were to lift his bans against Keystone XL pipeline, fracking, drilling, nuclear power plants, etc., energy costs would significantly decline. Eliminating America’s dependence on Russian oil and storing our nation’s domestic energy production is the golden ticket to genuinely making a difference.

Congress is currently mulling over legislation that would grant funds to Ukraine. However, as long as America keeps funding Russia via energy, the impacts of funds to Ukraine will be blunted.

As things currently stand, Biden has put the United States in a position where we are essentially funding both Russia and Ukraine in the war. Republicans should therefore hold Biden to account on this before matters further spiral out of control.

In light of Biden’s ongoing refusal to stand up to Putin, growing speculations indicate that Biden’s energy policies could be connected to the Russian government’s possible hold on Biden.

Some Americans believe there’s no other plausible explanation to why Biden would make it his mission to deplete US energy independence while forcing our nation to rely on Russia for oil.

While Biden plays patty cake, Americans are suffering and having their taxes fund a war criminal waging various threats against the western world.