Biden’s Border Chief Says Equity is America’s “Core Founding Principle”

Joe Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is the man in charge of the administration’s ongoing open-borders invasion by illegal immigrants at the southern border, and he recently said in a public speech that “equity” is the “core founding principle” of the nation.

At a meeting of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Mayorkas said that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “needs to live that in the equity that we demonstrate.”

“Equity” has become a leading token of progressive politicians to signal calls for government redistribution of wealth and employment through the diverse population of the country. While “equality” generally refers to even and equal treatment under the rule of law, equity is a vague assertion of “fairness” or just what feels good to a majority oppressing a minority.

The policy and administrative decisions made at the DHS under Mayorkas appear more and more to be shaped by his dedication to equity as a guiding concept. In addition to selectively enforcing the country’s immigration laws depending on the context, he told Sharpton’s audience about his efforts to help black communities get greater access to federal aid.

He recounted his recent trip to Detroit to meet with African American faith leaders to discuss a DHS Security Grant Program, which helps nonprofit organizations. He said he learned that the grant program is complicated and difficult to access, and he endorsed breaking down barriers to receiving the grant money.

Regarding migration, Mayorkas’s promise of equity goes further, by helping illegal foreign migrants to take jobs and income from entry-level and lower-skilled Americans. He tweeted last year that his mission for DHS is to “ensure due process, respect human dignity, and promote equity,”

Earlier this year, Mayorkas said that unlawful presence in the country alone will no longer be a basis for legal enforcement of American law against an illegal immigrant. He declared that the administrative decision was a “matter of justice and equity as well.”

As a wealthy politician, Mayorkas is not likely to feel the economic pain his department’s policies cause ordinary working Americans. Regarding ordinary Americans, Mayorkas added in his speech that “the greatest terrorist-related threat” the U.S faces inside our borders is the “threat of individuals drawn to violence because of ideologies of hate” and through “false narratives” posted online. He said the most prominent of those threats are from “white supremacists.”

As this year’s midterm federal elections approach, a wide array of opinion polls show that the wealth redistribution that is occurring because of illegal immigration is highly unpopular with most Americans. While Mayorkas is likely safe until a new presidential administration takes office, this year’s elections could serve as a cold reminder to Democrats of just how deeply unpopular their progressive system of politics really is.