Biden’s ‘Big Win’ For The IRS Won’t Be What Makes The 2020s Succeed

On Saturday, in a statement, Joe Biden gave himself and his party a big pat on the back after Democrats passed the latest trillion-dollar House spending package. The president said:

“Generations from now, people will look back and know this was when America won the economic competition for the 21st Century.” 

No, America won the economic competition for the 21st Century when it won its independence, established a constitutionally limited republic, abolished slavery, and continued working toward the ideal of a society of equals before the law.

These authentic monuments to the American spirit created the conditions to make America the world’s great superpower in the 20th Century and its leading economic powerhouse two decades into the 21st.

That is, despite more than a century now of attempts by socialists to sabotage the tremendous American endeavor and completely undo all the work of the last several centuries, built on millennia of the best ancient wisdom, to glorify themselves with an illusion of prestige, by “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” as then president-elect Barack Obama said in 2008.

The limited, impartial government and capitalistic, free-market foundations of American society are what allowed so many American businesses to achieve absolute miracles of human progress over the last Century and bring up the standards of living around the entire globe with the overflowing abundance of American prosperity.

Socialism stands fundamentally opposed to this most bright, shining edifice of material progress, this system of society and government envisioned in the American Dream.

When governments take so much from so many to give to others, the history of the last Century even more markedly than the preceding ones has shown that the material cost is dreadfully steep.

The social cost is a living nightmare. Of course, what socialists call what they do to themselves and their societies is a blatant lie. Socialism is the most anti-social organization of human individuals ever devised by the worst enemies of humankind.

So don’t let the socialists fool you again. Congress didn’t build this economy. The White House didn’t build it. Neither do all the people who yak a bunch of nonsense online all day, both the amateurs and the professional journalists.