Biden’s Anti-Republican Rhetoric is Self-Destructive

Despite the multiple disasters the United States faces under the leadership of Joe Biden, many Americans can recall the talking points within his inaugural address over one year ago.

While addressing the country, Biden committed to leading in a way that is for “all Americans.” To further drive this point home, the president argued that he’d defend people who voted against him as strongly as he’d defend those who voted for him.

Later, Biden would go on to talk about how horrible “red against blue” divides are, along with the need for Americans to show “tolerance” and even “open [their] souls.”

This is a far cry from how Biden’s actually led as president. To date, Biden’s branded Republicans as extremists, segregationists, Jim Crow sympathizers, and more.

Now, as the midterm elections get closer (elections that Democrats are projected to lose), the president’s rhetoric against Republicans has gotten extremely aggressive and more frequent.

A Downfall of Biden’s Own Making
As of late, the president has made no bones of discussing how much he dislikes “the Ultra MAGA” folks in America. The same Biden who spoke against partisan division also openly questions whether or not the GOP will still be around in 2024.

These attacks aren’t random, though. In fact, there’s a direct correlation between rising problems in America, Biden’s declining poll numbers, and his escalated trashing of the political right.

With midterms being just months away, Biden is hoping that attacking Republicans will distract from the problems happening on Democrats’ watch.

“Ultra MAGA” does not control the White House or either chamber of Congress; however, Democrats do. To this day, Biden continues to reject solutions presented by Republicans, solutions that would fix problems like high energy costs, rampant crossings at the southern border, and more.

NBC News recently documented that only 39% of the country favors the job performance of the current president. When less than four in ten Americans approve of a president, this statistically indicates that disapproval isn’t just partisan.

Biden can (and likely will) continue to keep up his attacks against the GOP. However, this is not going to increase his poll numbers. It certainly won’t improve Democrats’ chances in the midterms or make this nation’s many crises go away.

Discontent Within His Own Party
As Biden goes after Republicans, certain members of the Democrat Party are quietly losing their taste for him as well.

The New York Magazine recently ran a piece that does not speak favorably of Biden seeking another term in office. Other Democrats who aren’t satisfied with the president’s current job performance are also looking for alternatives to represent the party in 2024.

All things considered, Biden’s attention could be directed towards a host of other things that don’t involve slandering his political opposition.