Biden’s “Anti-Gun Agenda” Should Not Be Taken Lightly

Amid wrecking the southern border, taking a sledgehammer to the economy, and worsening political divides, Joe Biden is bound and determined to wage war against the Second Amendment.

On multiple occasions since Biden’s been in the White House, he’s asserted that amendments enshrined in the United States Constitution don’t fall under the umbrella of being “absolute.”

Likewise, the President has repeatedly spewed misinformation about firearms. By the President’s admission, he thinks Glock pistols can carry “40 rounds” of ammunition. Biden’s also gone on the record, declaring Glocks as “weapons of war” and claiming no one needs to purchase such weapons.

All of this anti-gun lunacy comes on the heels of reports that the ATF has a data collection of nearly one billion other gun purchases. Federal gun registries violate federal law. However, the Biden Administration doesn’t care.

In light of these details and more, Biden’s vendetta against firearms and legal gun ownership could be taken very seriously, as explained by LifeSiteNews.

In a nutshell, the President’s acquisition of gun purchase data opens the doors to lawful gun owners being surveilled by this corrupt Administration. Believe it or not, Biden and other Democrats are laying the groundwork for this to happen.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has called for $1.5 billion to the ATF to crack down on “ghost guns” and crimes committed with firearms.

Meanwhile, as Biden works to crack down on gun ownership, he’s looking to expand upon the data of gun purchases currently in possession of the ATF. One primary goal for this President entails a nationwide implementation of background checks at a universal level.

History has shown that data collection, registration, etc., are tactics employed by the gun control crowd. Meanwhile, their ultimate endgame is always to crack down on legal gun ownership altogether. It’s never just about stopping crime, regardless of what Schumer says in front of a microphone.

Last year, Biden tried to implement gun control via executive order. However, State Republican leaders quickly stepped in, barring law enforcement under their jurisdiction from enforcing Biden’s orders.

At some point, Democrats are likely going to attempt to push some anti-second severe Amendment legislation through Congress, with Biden’s blessing, of course.

It serves as yet another reminder of why elections are so important. Democrats have consistently shown hostility towards firearms, gun manufacturers, legal gun owners, and the Second Amendment.

Therefore, patriots who still care about the Constitution and the right enshrined within it have to vote America First conservatives into office. One can only hope that November’s projected red wave is enough to stop Biden’s anti-gun agenda dead in its tracks.