Biden’s Aides are Repeatedly Forced to Clean Up His Messes

During the earliest days of Biden’s presidency, his handlers in the White House intentionally kept him from speaking to the media without filters. This was heavily criticized as unpresidential; eventually, Biden did begin holding press conferences, albeit with flashcards at first.

As the 2020 presidential election played out, Biden repeatedly made one gaffe after the other. This habit has carried on into his presidency; however, the stakes are higher and the consequences of his flubs now have the potential to kick off a third world war.

Last week, Biden made several comments while in Europe that left his White House forced to clean up his messes, according to The Blaze.

Shifting the Narrative

While speaking in Poland, Biden caused an international mini-crisis when he declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin must not be allowed to keep holding onto power.

Immediately, the White House rushed to correct this, as did Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Over the weekend, the US secretary of state informed American allies that Biden was making a point against Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, rather than calling for regime change in Russia.

However, everyone knows better. Since Biden’s off-the-cuff statement about Putin, the Russian president’s aides have responded accordingly. According to Russia, Biden’s remarks only serve to further existing strains between the US and Russian governments.

Russia was also clear in declaring that Biden does not have the power to decide if Putin holds the nation’s presidency, nor does anyone in the United States.

To the end of regime change in Russia, Blinken insisted on Sunday that Russians are ultimately the ones who will have to determine who their president is.

A Staggering Number of Messes

Biden’s call for regime change in Russia is far from the only mess he made when speaking in Europe about conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The US president also declared that if Putin’s military were to unleash chemical weapons against Ukrainians, America would respond to Russia “in kind.” Once more, Blinken and others in the White House were forced to clean this up and assert the US has no plans to unleash chemical weapons against Russia.

That’s not all, though. Also, last week, Biden stated that American troops would get to personally see some of the horrors in Ukraine when they went over there themselves. Yet again, the White House walked this back, stating that America is not going to be sending any of our nation’s troops into Ukraine.

At this point, it’s only a matter of time before Biden makes yet another silly, yet dangerous remark that brings us that much closer to World War III.