Biden Will Have To ‘Answer For Inflation’ Sooner Than He Thinks

Across various surveys, Americans continue to communicate their concerns with inflation. In 2022, inflation will be higher than in just about 40 years. It’s certainly not doing everyday Americans any favors, as they wonder how to support themselves and feed their families.

Biden, for his part, has done zilch to get a handle on inflation. If the President had it his way, inflation would be even higher because the Build Back Better Act would have passed through the Senate.

Right now, Biden’s strategy for inflation has been to ignore the problem and pretend like it doesn’t exist. His administration is also falling right in line with this approach.

However, as reported by PJ Media, there is only so long the President will be able to do this before it catches up to him.

Sadly for the country, inflation is here to stay. By the admission of the President’s economic advisers, higher prices across various sectors will persist at least until the end of this year.

Currently, inflation is hitting working-class and middle-class people the hardest. Ironically, these are the Americans that Biden promises to be the great defender of.

Now, the President claims that the burden of ending inflation falls in the hands of the Federal Reserve. Yet, during the 2008 economic crash, the Federal Reserve exhausted trillions of dollars, and who knows what else, to mitigate the damage. The path forward for the Federal Reserve to clean up Biden’s mess may be very well limited.

If this is the case, Americans who rely upon social security, pensions, or even tight budgets will have a very rough time. The people who will suffer the most from Biden’s inflation crisis are going to be the ones he pandered to for votes.

With inflation standing at a 7% rate, this is unlike what many people have ever seen. It will also impact how they vote, both in November and 2024.

As everyone is forced to pay more and more money for the same goods and services, Biden won’t be able to talk about “building back better” without being laughed out of the room. After all, there’s nothing “better” about inflation or bare grocery store shelves.

While Biden is digging his head in the sand now, he won’t have that luxury when his party is ousted from congressional power during the November elections.