Biden Using Hurricane Ian To Push Climate Change Agenda

While Floridians are trying to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, President Joe Biden has chosen to politicize the devastation of the storm to talk about climate change, said Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL).

During a Wednesday appearance on Newsmax’s “Prime News” with Jenn Pellegrino, Steube called out Democrats like Biden for using “every opportunity and every tragedy” to “try to push their agenda.”

Reacting to the president’s speech in Florida, the Republican congressman said: “They use every opportunity and every tragedy that we have going on in this country to try to push their agenda on the American people, and this is no exception.”

During his speech, Biden told reporters that “the biggest thing this governor has done, and some of the others have done, they’ve recognized this thing called global warming. The world is changing.”

Steube was visibly annoyed by the president’s comments, arguing that Biden is using Hurricane Ian to push the left’s climate change agenda while people are suffering.

“So we’re going to talk about climate change when people, literally, still have their homes flooded?” the Florida congressman asked. “We’re still trying to rescue people and do search and rescue missions, and he’s going to use the opportunity to try to talk about climate change. And we can look at all the statistics and all the numbers; this isn’t due to climate change; this is just due to the fact that we had a major hurricane hit our state.”

“It was a tremendous hurricane that hit our country, and we should be focused on saving people, getting people food and water, getting them energy, getting them fuel, and getting them back on their feet,” Steube added. “And, of course, the Democrats want to take this as an opportunity to politicize their agenda.”

Rather than focusing on politics, Steube — like many leaders in Florida — has been spending his time surveying damage, talking with Florida residents affected by the hurricane and providing updates on the state’s recovery from the damage caused by the Category 4 storm.