Biden Unleashes Troubling Remarks to Donors

The Democrat Party is not doing so well as the midterm elections enter their eleventh hour.

For starters, left-wing candidates are losing ground in both House and Senate races. Various policies that Democrats championed are also backfiring, namely when it comes to crime, the economy, and the southern border.

Another anchor weighing Democrats down is none other than the president himself. Left-wing candidates are aware of this too. Some of them, such as Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Rep. Val Demings (D-FL), are doing their best to avoid mentioning or being seen with Biden.

Meanwhile, the president is doing what he thinks will help his party win next month’s races. Apparently, this involves admitting his own foreign policies have brought America to the brink of “Armageddon.”

A Closer Look at Biden’s Commentary
Last week, Biden convened with various donors in New York in order to raise money for Democrats in tight races. However, things went off track when the president said the United States is historically close to “Armageddon.”

This remark was made after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speeches that led to the impression he could use nuclear, chemical, or tactical weapons in the war against Ukraine.

The war hasn’t been going Russia’s way lately and Putin is widely perceived to be increasingly more desperate.

Biden compared the possibility of Russia hitting Ukraine with nuclear weapons to the Cuban Missile Crisis that America faced in 1962.

Ironically, Biden’s comments about “Armageddon” in the event of Putin resorting to nuclear, chemical, or tactical weapons are disputed by his own aides and military leaders.

These officials previously stated such action from Putin wouldn’t result in America using nuclear weapons against Russia.

Major Pushback Against Biden’s Remarks
The president’s comments about “Armageddon” have been slammed as everything from irresponsible to a threat against US national security.

Multiple Republican lawmakers warned if this is where Biden’s foreign policy choices have gotten us, it is all the more reason why he and other Democratic officials shouldn’t be in public office.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has joined officials with similar experience who warn that Biden is being reckless with these sorts of comments. Even French President Emmanuel Macron scolded Biden for increasing “friction” and alarm.