Biden Suffers A Public Meltdown Over Backlash Against Inflation

Inflation isn’t doing the American people any favors. As prices go up, folks across the country have a more challenging time paying their bills, putting food on the table, gas in the tanks, etc.

Naturally, this has led to most of the country criticizing the president and the federal government for creating inflation via higher spending. Americans are now dealing with the consequences of all the stimulus checks and spending packages that Democrats insisted on passing last year.

However, in one of Biden’s worst displays of hubris yet, he’s now lashing out at Americans who dare to be frustrated about inflation, as PJ Media covers.

During a left-wing conference in Pennsylvania on Friday, the president made no bones about expressing what he thinks about inflation and the rising numbers of Americans who disapprove of how he’s managing the economy.

While speaking publicly, Biden angrily professed that he is “sick of” the overarching view that government spending engendered America’s current inflation crisis. The president then curiously went on to say that this documented fact is, in actuality, “not true.”

Biden then declared that “talking to” the American people is a must, seemingly a strategy the president thinks will dismiss the reality that government spending has caused current inflation.

Biden quickly took backlash online for angrily yelling these talking points. Many Americans declared that no one is sicker of inflation than people seeing their livelihoods and economic security become more and more fragile.

Suffice it to say, Biden’s perspective on inflation only further proves just how out of touch with reality he’s become. This president doesn’t appear capable of taking accountability for a single mistake he makes. Likewise, Biden cannot admit when specific changes in his leadership or tactics are necessary.

After raging over Americans who dare to be displeased with sky-high prices, the president then moved to blame inflation on his Russian counterpart.

The reality is that inflation has been a persistent problem in the United States since May 2021. It was long before Putin decided to hit Ukraine and commit a series of war crimes against the Ukrainian people.

At this point, Biden’s inability to take account of the impacts of his policies merely further demonstrates his lack of fitness to be president.

If Biden is so sick of hearing about inflation and hearing Americans blame his administration’s spending for inflation, then maybe he should act so that inflation is no longer an issue.