Biden Stumbles Through Confusing Answers During CNN Town Hall

President Joe Biden sounded confused and disoriented at times during a live town hall broadcast by CNN on Wednesday, and it raised concerns about his mental health. However, Conservative opponents of President Joe Biden claim that this week’s nationally aired event gave more proof of just that.

Don Lemon of CNN questioned Biden at one point when the federal government would authorize COVID-19 vaccine for children under the age of twelve. As usual, Biden stated that they will soon start vaccinating children, but then added that he is not responsible for telling scientists what to do and concluding that they are now examining, evaluating, and deciding. Moreover, during a response regarding the animosity between Republicans and Democrats, Biden abruptly shifted the subject and began bragging about his foreign policy experience.

Furthermore, during an incredibly candid exchange with a lady who inquired about gun violence, Biden stated that the concept that people need a weapon that can fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 bullets from that weapon, whether it’s a nine mm handgun or a rifle, is absurd. He also added that he would further continue to advocate for the prohibition of the sale of such items. This response, which practically endorses the complete criminalization of ordinary handguns, goes well beyond the official Democratic platform on gun control and sometimes even Biden’s claims to acknowledge the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Similarly, Biden also stated that if a person is vaccinated, they won’t be hospitalized, be in an ICU, and won’t die. He also said that people would not contract COVID-19 if they have had these vaccinations. However, CNN questioned the authenticity of these statements, stating that the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognized the existence of breakthrough instances and that even vaccinated members of Biden’s staff have been sick.

Biden has stated that he intends to seek re-election in 2024, but many remain skeptical. Whether or not Vice President Kamala Harris receives the Democratic presidential nomination in 2024, although some Democrats question her abilities as a presidential candidate, may be determined in part with whether or not Biden resigns from the presidency before serving out his full term as president.