Biden Seems “Resigned Strong” Likelihood Of Democrats Losing The Midterms

With the November midterm elections months away, Joe Biden has already managed to get himself into hot water for his rhetoric regarding these races.

Days ago, when Biden held a press conference, he declared that the midterm elections might not be legitimate if Democrats couldn’t pass their election reform legislation.

This statement immediately prompted pushback from both leftists and right-wingers alike. Later, White House aides came forward and cleaned up what Biden said.

However, new reports from RedState confirm that Biden seems altogether resigned to the reality that his party is highly likely to lose November’s elections.

When Biden isn’t openly casting doubt on the legitimacy of the November midterms, he’s refusing to take measures that will be of aid to his party. This assessment comes from leaders within the Democrat Party who believe their President lacks a very much-needed strategy.

On top of this, higher-ups within the Democrat Party are saying that Biden appears doddering and altogether out of touch with what the party needs. It isn’t coming from Republicans, but it’s coming from Democrats with a vested interest in their party holding onto the House and Senate.

What makes things even worse for Biden is the public perception of his job in office thus far. On top of the 33% approval rating the 46th President is looking at, a plurality of Americans can’t even cite the particulars of recent legislation he’s signed into office.

It is a problem for Democrats. They’ve been hoping for their President to take some action to solve these issues. However, Biden isn’t even coming close to delivering on this front.

Altogether, Democrats are horrified at the prospects of Republicans taking back control of Congress, something that multiple pollsters project to happen.

Nobody should be surprised that the Biden Administration is downplaying these concerns. After all, this White House has repeatedly shown its inability to take responsibility for any of its errors.

Biden’s aides have instead stated that the 46th President is focused on coronavirus and inflation. They’re additionally running with a narrative that states Biden has enough time between now and November to recover from the horrendous approval ratings he currently has.

All in all, Democrats are in bad shape. The higher-ups within the party know it, too. It’s only a matter of time before the GOP regains control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.