Biden Says Deporting Illegal Migrants Is ‘Not Rational’

As Republican governors focus a spotlight on the crisis created on the country’s southern border by Joe Biden’s policies, the president is being forced to address the situation more than he would like in the run-up to the midterm elections in November. On Tuesday, Biden suggested to a reporter that it is “not rational” to send illegal migrants back to Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

Biden claimed that current conditions on the southern border are different now than in the past. He said that fewer migrants are coming from Central America and Mexico and said, “What’s on my watch now is Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. And the ability to send them back to those states is not rational.”

Biden’s claim that he is somehow providing refuge to migrants from those authoritarian countries is undermined by the fact that the governments of those states are more than happy to send their residents to illegally migrate into the United States. Most Cuban migrants who illegally enter the U.S. are flown from their home nation to Nicaragua where they are then released to travel north to Texas.

Reporting over the weekend further indicated that the government in Venezuela is emptying out that country’s prisons so their convicts can be shipped northward for U.S. taxpayers to take care of as they mingle freely among American citizens.

Border Patrol agents have reportedly been alerted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to be on the lookout for Venezuelan convicts who have been released to travel to the U.S.

Some of the prisoners released and allowed to head toward the U.S. by Nicolas Maduro Moros have been convicted of violent crimes including murder, rape, and extortion. The DHS alert also indicates that the Venezuelan National Intelligence Service may have been involved in coordinating the intentional release of the convicts who have been heading north.

Because the U.S. does not have normal diplomatic relations with Venezuela, it is nearly impossible to identify which illegal migrants from there have criminal records. Border Patrol agents have no access whatsoever to Venezuelan criminal databases.

Biden’s claims are further weakened by the revelation that administration officials are actively negotiating with the Cuban government to permit even more migrants from there to enter the U.S.

Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said in a press conference on Tuesday that the State Department is discussing “getting visas restarted” with Cuba. He added that the administration “will continue to engage with them on the question of migration.”