Biden Ripped For Blatant Lie About Gas Prices

President Joe Biden told a New York audience this week that gas prices in the U.S. were over $5 per gallon when he took office, a blatant lie that is easily fact-checked.

If the mainstream media cares to do its job.

Speaking at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, the president took credit for “declining” prices at the pump. He said the national average has dropped to $3.39 per gallon, “down from over five dollars when I took office.”

There’s a slight problem with the president’s figures. The average price for a gallon of regular gas in the U.S. when he took the oath of office hovered around $2.30 per gallon. Not even close.

To be more specific, GasBuddy figures indicate that the top 10% averaged $3.26 per gallon while the lowest 10% averaged $2.00 per gallon. This according to energy analyst Patrick De Haan, who posted that the “median price was $2.29 per gallon.”

And for the record, AAA reported the average national price for a gallon of gas on Thursday was $3.76.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was quick to tweet about the blatant lie. He noted that even in Biden’s “diminished state” he knows this.

Cruz further urged the media’s so-called fact checkers to call out the president on it. The senator’s communications advisor, Steve Guest, quipped that he was “paging all fact checkers — got an easy one for you.”

Fox News commentator Guy Benson noted the obvious when he wrote that the Democratic president repeatedly utters “totally false, easily falsifiable stuff about gas prices.”

Jesse Kelly, host of “The Jesse Kelly Show,” tweeted that it is far from hyperbole to declare Joe Biden the biggest liar in the annals of U.S. presidential history. And to make matters worse, he tells “bizarre black and white lies that any idiot can verify.”

Telegraph contributor Nile Gardiner posted that the lies from the Biden White House are both a “disgrace” and “extremely condescending.” Gardiner observed that the president views the U.S. public “with contempt.”

Amazingly, this obvious falsehood came just one day after the president condemned the higher cost travelers pay for roomier airline seats. This, he inexplicably explained, is “unfair” to “people of color.”