Biden Remains In Denial About His Energy Policies

With the current prices of gas being higher than they’ve been in one decade, the energy policies of the Biden administration have come under a microscope.

As much of the American public has already pointed out, Biden hasn’t done the country any favors by blocking drilling permits, shutting down pipelines, prohibiting fracking and turning to terrorist nations like Iran for oil.

At this time, the Biden administration is determined to gaslight the American public with claims that people should believe Russia’s president is responsible for higher US energy costs.

The reality is Biden set the current predicament in motion last year when he destroyed our nation’s energy independence. To this very day, the sitting president remains in denial about this, as Twitchy points out.

This month, the president publicly pushed back against growing claims that he is responsible for shutting down energy production here in the United States. Biden alleges this is false and people who believe his administration to be blocking energy production domestically are confused.

In actuality, the Biden administration further gutted US energy production by enacting new freezes on drilling permits just weeks ago. Likewise, the president is responsible for limiting the production of fossil fuels.

On top of all this, Biden has been working hard to eliminate various tax benefits linked to drilling. The president’s allies have admitted that eliminating these tax benefits is designed to disincentivize gas and oil development.

Let’s not forget that Biden got into the White House on the first day. He used an executive order to pull down the Keystone XL pipeline. After this executive order, the Biden administration ensured that “green” jobs would replace the 11,000 destroyed jobs.

Over one year later, these “green” jobs have not materialized.

At this time, both the president and his administration remain in denial about what is happening regarding energy production in America.

With gas prices increasing and predicted to keep growing, it is high time for this White House to wake up.

Instead of reaching out to foreign nations for oil, Biden needs to be doing everything in his power to get domestic energy production up and running again. It means lifting the freezes he’s put on various drilling permits and pipelines.

It also means getting out of the way regarding fracking and fossil fuels. Americans literally cannot afford to live under Biden’s anti-energy policies for a second longer.